Thursday, 25 February 2010

Drawings for a Thursday continued

Drawings for a Thursday

I am continuing to draw. At least it's getting more relevant...

PS Wookie included

Another article on Sweetworld! What a treat!

Hey everyone,

The fantastic magazine Jotta has written an article on Sweetworld.
They said we had a "this joyously kaleidoscopic style". ACE!

Check it out here

Will be back again soon

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I have drawn 2

I have drawn!

Right, so I have started drawing. I just sat with some ink and paints and got into it and this is what came out.

It doesn't have too much to do with my film, yet, but I needed to just sit and let the thoughts flow. Why it's all focused on moustaches I cannot tell you, but hopefully that will all reveal itself in time, kind of like the tv series "Lost".

Hope you like it.


The new film

Okay, I am going to make a new film. Totally and utterly inspired by Emma Lazenby of BAFTA fame, I am going to do it. I mean, why not? I have been thinking about it and doodling over it and I have time so I should just get on with it! Pull the finger out! Get a move on! Stop procrastinating!

So, it starts here. I am going to make a film, off my own back (if funding comes along then great) and make the film of my dreams (or thereabouts). Following in Emma's fab footsteps I am going to blog my progress, vent my frustrations and ask you, dear reader to keep me going and watch my efforts.

I have already done an animation test. I have been animating in Photoshop. Not as easy or as intuitive as Flash, but still alright. In fact, it is brilliant. Adobe have done well, but there are some tools I wish they had.

I have a title for it, but my ideas are still hazy. I know how it begins, but not sure on the middle or end. There are bits and pieces I want in it, but I haven't committed a script to paper yet. I know what the theme is going to be and I want to have a sort of thread going through it that relates to Alice in Wonderland. Is this idea a bit twee and used?

I'll figure it out. I will. And you can witness this endeavor, right here on this blog.

Watch this space.

I had an interview... how nice!

Check me out on

Click here for my interview

Monday, 22 February 2010

Emma Lazenby

AMAZING! Emma Lazenby received a BAFTA last night for her short animated film, "Mother of Many". I've only seen a clip of it but it does look gorgeous. Well done Emma!
I don't know her very well, but we did meet in 2006 when she helped us with our film "Measles". We had lots of fun for those crazy 3 weeks. She is a super genius and I am so proud of her. She has inspired me to pick up my pencil and that old idea and start to actually make it. Well done on the BAFTA love!

You can see Emma receive her BAFTA here

And read her blog while she was making the film here

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


ALSO totally check out our new site:

It's dead good.

Nick Morley inspired me

Met the super Nick Morley yesterday. I bought one of his prints and was lucky enough to meet him and share a cup of tea. He is with the East London Printmakers in Hackney and does lino cuts, screen prints and lots more things. If you go to the site you will see that he (and others) hold workshops. Something I am definitely interested in.

Have been totally inspired to make more art... wonder if that will actually happen.

Right, am off now, but might be back in a minute with more things to tell. This blogging is a bit addictive! Think I must have a backlog... Or backblog... HA! get it? BACKBLOG.



A blog, a blog of my own that I promise to stuff with all sorts of delights. Bear with me folks, I'm not as blog-savvy as the rest of you but I will do my best to entertain. If you are lucky something awful could happen to me and you could read about my famed rants. WHAT A TREAT!
I'll put up pictures and videos and links and everything, just give me a chance... please?!

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