Wednesday 29 July 2015

Je suis perdu

I tried to explain to my nephew why there was security and immigration at the airport on Sunday. He is just about to turn 8 years old. He kept asking, "But why can't we just go in and out [freely]". He didn't understand what everyone was so afraid of. It's a complex issue to explain to an (nearly) 8 year old. I couldn't fault his arguments of free-movement but I also had to point out that there may not be resources for everyone if they went to one country or another. Watching this film there is another little boy who is 8 years old. He dreams of school and a passport and a new nationality. Something my nephew and many others take for granted. Whilst we are lucky to not even have to really think about having these things, we hear about how they need to be stricter at Calais, how they are building bigger fences and sending in 120 more officers to control the desperate people trying to smuggle their way over the border. I hope my nephew never has to do this. We must remember that the word 'immigrants' is referring to people. People willing to risk their lives to no longer feel lost.

Watch the video here.

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