Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday sunshine good for panels

I have actually done some new work, but it's for a competition for Pica Pica Magazine and can't really put it up.
In the meantime I dropped into Cowling & Wilcox to pick up some supplies, paper, ink, watercolours and then got some yummy lunch from the deli (enough for 2 meals, so actually more economical!). It is a beautiful sunny day here in London so I also got a lovely warm cycle from my little jaunt away from the studio, roll on summer!

Over the weekend our solar panels were installed on our roof. Can you imagine! It's like the future! The cat is pretty traumatised by the builders and is currently sulking, but we try to explain to her that it's all worth it.
I cannot take credit as it was all Alasdair's (author of The Mushy Pea) idea, grit, determination and cash; I just get to reap the benefits. Free electricity! Hurrah!

AND... the scaffolding is still up so we can climb up at night (when the builders have gone away and can't tell us off) and perch up on the roof and enjoy the cool night.


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